Foo Gazzi is a five-piece American Foo Fighters Tribute band from Seattle. The band formed in 2019 from a collection of hard rock band veterans who met on the Seattle music scene and who all just couldn’t get enough Foo Fighters. Inspired by the great music of the original band, their unique brand of entertainment fuses the heavy rock guitar of Patrick Tibbetts, melodic keys of Brian O’Grady, the driving drums and bass of Mike Hechinger and Robert Brown with captivating live stage show and growling vocals of Paul Ella. Seeing a Foo Gazzi performance will make you want to “Learn to Fly.”

Hailed as one of the best Foo Fighter tribute bands in the Pacific Northwest by recent audiences, Foo Gazzi has years of event entertainment experience and have continued to build a devoted fan base throughout the Seattle area and Washington. Building upon their success, the band now has its sights set on conquering the PNW casino circuit and becoming the number one Foo Fighter Tribute band in the US!