Rojito is a Seattle-based Latin DJ with a diverse sound. Born in Silver Springs, Maryland, Rojito was thrust into a popping east coast music scene. Rojito was born from an immigrant family (Dominican) and an American family of musical diversity. It was here he was able to hear and develop sounds that others simply could not, allowing him to have a different vibe.
Being the son of a military man also gave Rojito the opportunity to move to different regions and allowed him to develop a diverse palate in music. Coming from the northeast, Rojito was always fascinated with music, so he bought his first console and has been at it ever since.
DJing in locations in NYC, Allentown, Destin and Orlando, he is now performing in the Seattle area, with residency at the Night Owl in Tacoma and the Golden Fleece in Everett. Rojito also rotates at Club SUR and other locations in the Pacific Northwest. His focus is to read the crowd and let people hear a different vibe that they will not hear from any other DJ. El Ășnico.