New Sensation was formed as a tribute to the one and only INXS. Doug Cisler [guitar player from Hysteria (Def Leppard tribute), Anthem (Rush tribute), Dr. Crue (Motley Crue tribute)] wanted to put together a group of musicians in tribute to INXS. He tapped his longtime friend from high school, John Bailey, to take on the challenging task of impersonating the incredible lead singer Michael Hutchence. Doug and John reunited with their high school cover band drummer, Rico Ybarra [now back on the scene with Patitude (Pat Benetar tribute) and The Royal We] who, with bass player Greg McGwire, form the rhythm section for New Sensation.

The goal is to try to recreate the music of INXS as accurately as possible and put on energetic and fun shows. So far they are off to a great start playing in the Seattle area. Hope to see you at one of their shows!